2016 World Snowkite Contest

Last weekend a select group of 40 kite-board athletes were selected to DEFY gravity, soaring across the snow capped mountains of Altosandro, Italy at the LifeProof sponsored World Snowkite Contest.

The vast mountain top offered endless opportunities to rack up points by: laying down tricks, hitting max speeds, maximising the total distance covered and changes in altitude. The competition was fierce and the teams did well to last the full weekend in the extreme weather.

Check out the highlights right here:

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Congratulations to everyone who competed and a special shout out to the winners:

Ski Category
1. Felix Kernsten (Germany)
2. Jonas Lengwiller (Switzerland)
3. Florian Gruber (Germany)

Snowboard Category
1. Leoni Michele (Italy) tied with Lukas Vogeltanz (Czech Republic)
2. Luca Mastalli (Italy)
3. Reinhold Gehrer (Germany)




Alan Lund

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