The Tempest Two – Two Weeks at Sea

Known as the toughest-voyage-on-earth, The Tempest Two have begun the grueling voyage across the Atlantic ocean. Displaying huge determination and sheer strength, pushing through harsh weather conditions. Encountering some of nature’s finest while making strong progress on their 3000 mile journey. Read on to learn more about the perils of their first two weeks at sea…

Beginning the journey in the Canary Islands the team are equipped with LifeProof cases for their tablets and phones. “These devices are our lifelines while out on the water, they host all our movies, music and books so it is amazing to know that our devices are always ready for every situation thrown at us”


Week 1

Launching the voyage at a strong pace. The Tempest Two have been able to keep on track with the planned schedule. But all has not been easy, battling with strong south westerly winds and constantly being soaked to the bone, all made for an intense first week.

One scene that will last with the guys was 100’s of migrating whales passing the boat, some two times the length of the boat, passing extremely close, checking out their unusual companion.


As a break from battling the extreme weather and intense heats the guys celebrated Christmas by exchanging not so Secret Santa gifts and enjoyed a well-deserved break from rowing together.


Week Two

Celebrations were cut short as the weather suddenly changed, a North East wind began blowing the team back to the Canaries. “Rowing for 2 hours on, 2 hours off through a pitch black night into a headwind was hell. We would each punish ourselves on the oars, literally straining on every stroke for 120 minutes, only to realise our efforts were barely keeping us stationary”

This weather put the guys to a halt so they decided to drop the water anchor and rest up until the seas calmed.

Following this challenge the team set off again putting in a number of good days of rowing but then:

“At about 5.10am a big set of rollers were coming in. Next thing I know we are vertical with the water and are skidding back down it in the wrong direction. A giant wall of water came out of nowhere. I got completely cleared out, like being drop kicked by Shaq, I was in the boat one moment and in the big drink the next” 

Quickly realising they had lost one set of oars the team quickly pulled themselves together and got straight back on board, pushing through the nerves and continuing to make good progress towards Barbados.


Call back in a fortnight for another update from The Tempest Two, for live tracking head over to the GPS tracker for live updates.


Alan Lund

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