The Tempest Two – One Month At Sea

Braving the wilds of the seas for over a month now, The Tempest Two have long forgotten the hustle and bustle of their London lifestyle and are purely focused on reaching the finish line in the fastest time possible. This may sound like simple challenge but it is far from it. The team of two are rowing unaided across the Atlantic, they tackle sharks, storms and most challenging of all is pushing through physical and mental exhaustion of rowing two hours on and two hours off…all day…every day.

To give you an idea of the scale of this challenge check out some of the statistics The Tempest Two had racked by the 19th January:

  • Miles rowed – 1,350 Nautical Miles
  • Meals eaten – 116 each – 232 total
  • Chocolate bars eaten – 120
  • Aeropresses made – 18
  • Oar Strokes – 500,689
  • Average Speed – 2 knots
  • Litres of water made – 217.5 litres
  • Gas canisters used – 4
  • Meters of tape used – 6

The past two weeks started strong for the team, rowing an average of 60 nautical miles per day, but this came to a rapid halt due as news broke that the first hurricane to originate in the Atlantic ocean in 50 years was coming fast. As the storm rolled in, rowing become a battle and the team decided to drop the para anchor, taking cover in the cabin. The choppy waters and heavy rain meant that the guys had to spend 48 hours locked away in the cabin, being hurled around by the storm. The savage winds spiraling anticlockwise pushed the team hugely off course as seen below.
The Tempest Two Update

After battling a hurricane, hopes were still high and they powered on through with this profound personal realisation:

Before departing, our expectations were based on hear-say and our greatest fears were things we had never experienced. On reflection, we knew we were in for a tough ride, it would be painful, emotional and quite simple horrible at points. What we didn’t anticipate, was just how amazing this experience could be.”

Bodies are beginning to show signs of exhaustion from the ludicrous amounts of rowing. Blisters forming on hands, muscles seizing up – the team finally understand what their mentors meant by “the claw”. After waking up from some sleep it takes about 15 minutes of excruciating pain before they can move their fingers again due to them being locked in place.

Accepting these challenge’s the team are looking on with determination to push through the final 1,000 miles in 25 days.

Check back here in a fortnight for another update from The Tempest Two, for live tracking head over to the GPS tracker for live updates.

Alan Lund

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