Extreme Sports Series | BASE Jumping

When jumping out of an airplane and free-falling to the earth at over 100km/h becomes boring, then it’s time to look into BASE jumping.

This is the epiphany of an adrenaline rush, jumping from a height of 400+ feet and within three seconds you have to pull the parachute to land safely on the rapidly approaching ground. The mainstream BASE jumping that we know today originated in 1970’s when parachutist Don Boyles made a jump from the 1,053 foot Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado using a military parachute.

Boyles pioneered a new gravity defying sport when they introduced BASE jumping, but it was taken to a new level with the introduction of wing-suits. Wing-suits allowed these daredevils to jump from low heights and glide across the air like a flying squirrel. This innovation brought about whole new dimension to the sport and it took the internet by storm, videos of BASE jumpers gliding across mountain faces and passing through caves have racked up millions of views.

Check out some of our favourite videos right here; be warned – these videos aren’t for the fainthearted:

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Alan Lund

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