Two men. One boat. 3000 Miles.

We’re stoked to announce that LifeProof is sponsoring The Tempest Two as they set off on the toughest voyage on Earth: rowing across the Atlantic.

James Whittle and Tom Caufield are neither seasoned rowers nor professional athletes. They’re inexperienced oarsmen with a deep passion to defy what is possible and prove that everyday people can accomplish incredible feats through determination, bravery and grit.

‘When people hear about the challenge, they usually ask about storms, capsizing and being eaten alive. But our main concern really is that we’ve never actually rowed a boat.’

Tempest Two Quote

The team embarks on their journey from the Canary Islands on the 13th of December. Rowing in two-hour shifts 24 hours a day, they’ll spend 12 hours a day pulling oars and burn 20,000 calories. After 60 days at sea — and losing 20% of their body weight — they’ll land in the Caribbean island of Barbados. It’s impossible to prepare the body for this amount of pressure and exertion. Only resolve and drive will push The Tempest Two through this grueling challenge.

James and Tom are sure of their fortitude to make it through this journey, but there are a number of obstacles in their path. Hurricanes, sharks and whales are real threats, so they’ll have to stay vigilant if they want to stay alive.

Stay tuned for live updates from The Tempest Two every two weeks.


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