Team LifeProof Highlights | November

October and November have been exciting months for Team LifeProof, we’ve seen the team carving out knarly trails at Red Bull Rampage to catching some crazy air at the Fridge Festival competition. To keep you up to date on the epic adventures Team LifeProof are on every month we’ll be bringing you an exhilarating update.

A throwback to Team LifeProof’s adventures throughout October and November 2015:

Cam Zink smashing a backside 360 on the big drop at Red Bull Rampage.

Cam Zink

Credit: Dean Treml/Red Bull Content Pool

Brendan Fairclough displaying his downhill riding skills by carving up a knarly trail at Red Bull Rampage that couldn’t be matched. Brendan Fairclough

Credit: Dean Treml/Red Bull Content Pool

Adrian Krainer smashing a gravity defying hip transfer at Fridge Festival to take home second place.

Adrian Krainer


Carro Djupsjo catching some downtime between heats at the Wakeboard World Championships in Mexico.


Seb Garat taking a break from competing in Kitebaording to tackle the waves in Brittany on his SUP board.

Seb Garat

Credit: Fanatic SUP

LifeProof Cliff Diver Blake Aldridge and Red Bull Cliff Diving traveled to Indonesia to explore the untouched cliffs of the local islands. Check out Blake DEFY limits as he dives from the boat.

Blake Aldridge

Andy Potts gives us some best-practice training tips to make the most of your off season training.Andy Potts10 Minute Progressive Build
3 sets of:
2 minutes ALLOUT
4 minutes at IRONMAN 70.3 Pace/Effort
2 minutes easy cruise
Cool Down
5-10 minutes easy jog and stretch


Check in this time next month for the latest and greatest from Team LifeProof.

Alan Lund

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