Surviving an Active Lifestyle

Sam’s friend gave him the heads up about how tough LifeProof cases are and now he is free to live his active lifestyle. Check out Sam’s testimonial here:

“I think your product is fantastic. After destroying upwards of half a dozen iPhones, ranging from 4 to 5s, through clumsy accidents or occasional pent up rage I decided I would invest in one of your cases. I got the idea from a friend of mine who is ex-army. If it could survive his lifestyle I figured mine would be a breeze!

It’s cheaper than a years insurance, not including the £75 claim fee which they don’t mention. And to top it all off it makes it look better and is more ergonomically pleasing. It has saved the life of my precious iPhone many times. It has been dropped into oil, water, mud and has survived falls and tumbles out of my pocket. It once fell out of my car window as I was driving (don’t buy a cheap windscreen mount kids) and though the case itself has got a few war wounds the phone inside has remained utterly mint!” Sam Townsend, UK.

The LifeProof FRĒ and NÜÜD cases completely protect your phone from dirt and water.

Has your LifeProof case saved your phone? Tell us your epic story in the comments section below.


Photo Credit: Jack Birt

Alan Lund

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