Bolts//Action X LifeProof: Birthday Free Ride Day 3

The Bolts B-Day Weekend started as a celebration — a freewheeling armada of friends who love to rip motos, ride bikes, flip skateboards, cast reels and make mischief. It’s also an excuse to get out for a weekend and simply thrash around and create amazing memories to take with us down the road of life.

The following is an excerpt from professional snowboarder and BOLTS//ACTION founding member, Jeremy Jones.

Day 3-

We got up early and split into two groups — most of us went river rafting while the rest went up the river to snipe hungry fish with an assortment of hand-tied flies. The rafting crew got lucky with a killer guide named Fitz. With a constant flow of bodies flying out of the raft and into the rapids, Fitz’s boat ran pretty light for our mission.

Day 3A

We caught some pizza in town then came back to camp to recoup. After some much-needed shuteye, we rolled up to the river for more cliff jumping. This session was bonkers. Everyone was getting creative on the rock doing all sorts of flips, twists and aerial shenanigans. We spent the rest of the evening ripping around back roads, chasing down buffalo and shaking every bolt loose on our choppers before heading back to camp.

Day 3B


It was our last night and a time to celebrate. We all gathered around the fire so Jake and I could thank everyone for coming out. We handed out trophies that we fashioned out of modified Mizu Bottles and Helmets. There were awards for everything from Sharp Shooter to the Biker-est Biker. It was a funny, fitting end to a crazy, fun-filled weekend.

Day 3C

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