Bolts//Action X LifeProof: Birthday Free Ride Day 2

The Bolts B-Day Weekend started as a celebration — a freewheeling armada of friends who love to rip motos, ride bikes, flip skateboards, cast reels and make mischief. It’s also an excuse to get out for a weekend and simply thrash around and create amazing memories to take with us down the road of life.

The following is an excerpt from professional snowboarder and BOLTS//ACTION founding member, Jeremy Jones

Day 2-

Time was short, and we had a lot to do. Weather was still pending, so we discussed our plans over some breakfast burritos that we packed along from local SLC restaurant, Fratellis. We then hopped on the scoots and ripped over to the Jackson Hole skate park. Our group continued to roll in over the course of the 2.5-hour session, completely taking over the park.


After lunch, a call came in from camp. There was trouble. The rangers were ticketing us because we weren’t as “bear prepared” as required. Jake and I mobbed back to deal with the situation and retrieve the seven coolers they had locked up in their van.


After that ridiculous fiasco, it was time to go rip some mountain bikes at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. With thunderstorms on the horizon, the crew rushed to mash a few runs before the resort closed the lifts. Following a pretty average dinner at the Resort, we rolled back to the campsite through a couple inches of rain, leaving a few of us soaked before bedtime. Such a great day! It’s the extremes of each situation that leave you with stories in the end.


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