Bolts//Action X LifeProof: Birthday Free Ride Day 1

The Bolts B-Day Weekend started as a celebration — a freewheeling armada of friends who love to rip motos, ride bikes, flip skateboards, cast reels and make mischief. It’s also an excuse to get out for a weekend and simply thrash around and create amazing memories to take with us down the road of life.

The following is an excerpt from professional snowboarder and BOLTS//ACTION founding member, Jeremy Jones.

Day 1-

The ride started with an 8 AM rally at a local Chevron in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was our chance to plan out the day and touch base with new friends and old comrades. At 9 AM, we rode north on I-15 and snuck off into the mountain range, finding ourselves at Causey Reservoir in Monte Cristo Canyon.


After shredding some canyon turns, we pulled up to Causey. In my opinion, this was where the trip really kicked off. Causey has cliff jumps ranging from 5’ – 70’, and our crew attacked the spot like they were trying out for a talent scout. It was flipping madness, rock-to-rock mayhem and massive jumps over trees and rocks — a sight to behold. From there, we loaded back up and shredded the Monte Cristo Canyon. This pass has some of the very best motorcycle riding I have ever done, with long turns, tight S-curves and fast straights. It’s glorious!


After a burger break at Gators in Randolph, Utah, we mashed some country highway just about as fast as each person’s motorcycle could carry them. We found a few more fast-swooping passes dropping into Star Valley, and then we shredded the highway along the Snake River into Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

With rain clouds looming, we set up camp at Gros Ventre Campground as fast as 70 people can. Jackson Hole and the Tetons are a sight to behold, and weather only adds to their mystique. So no one griped despite being tired, hungry, wet and cold. In fact, we were all smiles around a little campfire before huddling into our quarters to hide from the rain and get some sleep. Day 2 was going to be action packed.


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John Sheehy

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