Q&A With Team LifeProof SUP Athlete Morene Dekker

We had the opportunity to sit down with Netherlands’ 2012 Stand Up Paddling (SUP) champion and SUP 11 City Tour athlete for an insight into her passion for stand up paddle-boarding and how you can get started as a SUP athlete. Morene uses her LifeProof iPhone 6 case combined with the LifeActive armband to stay connected, track her distance and capture every moment while out paddling .

Q.) What did you originally want to be when you grew up?

A.) I first wanted to make documentaries about animals all over the world. Around my 12th birthday I wanted to become a writer and I had been working as a journalist for over 15 years before I got into Stand Up Paddling in 2011. Now that’s my profession; running M&M SUP in Amsterdam since 2011 and SUP racing.

Q.) What makes you so passionate about SUP?

A.) I love the freedom and being able to tackle any water with paddle boarding, exploring new places and the great work out that comes with it. I paddle all year round, until the water is frozen solid! Winter is one of my favourite times as it is cold and can be beautiful as the water is empty and silent. Morene 3

Q.) What inspired you to take part in the SUP 11 City Tour?

A.) It is a challenge for the mind and body. Being on the water 5 days in a row and paddling about 6-8 hours a day is hard for your body and mind. A couple of times each day you ask yourself the question ‘why am I doing this?’ but once you finish, tape all your blisters and are on the massage table you forget it all… because everyone has the same pains, thoughts and feelings.  It is also a special race with lot’s of paddlers from all over the world. We are all together in this challenge and that feels very special. Every year I end up saying ‘never again’ and one week later I am already thinking about ‘next year’…it is addictive.

Q.) Where is your favourite place to paddle?

A.) Anywhere. I have my home spot the IJsselmeer lake which is huge and can be calm, choppy, windy or rough so you never know what to expect. I also love going to new places and paddling on new routes. On holidays I always bring my inflatable board with me to go out every morning and explore the local waters.

Q.) What is your essential SUP gear?

A.)  I own two race-boards, a BOGA Typhoon 12.6 and 14’ for long distance races. I also own a BOGA inflatable 12.6 and a BOGA Wave Bullet 9.0, which I should use more! In the SUP school I have about 18 boards, from a YOGA board to 12.6’ inflatable boards for people who want to go and train more. My LifeProof iP6 and iPad case and LifeJacket help me to track my distance and capture every moment while out on the board. Morene 2

Q.) What quote do you live by?

A.) Never let fear stop you. Just jump into it and go with the flow… Do what you love and love what you do!

Q.) What advice do you have for someone who wants to take up stand up paddle boarding?

A.) Take a couple of classes to learn the basics and techniques which will prevent injurY. It’s lots of fun, especially when you meet others who are into it. I love paddling on my own but it can also be fun to go out with some friends – having a good time on the water and showing each other our favourite local spots.

Stop by M&M-SUP if you are in Amsterdam to take to the water with Morene and be sure to share your SUP boarding experiences in the comment section below.


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