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The world of extreme sports is constantly being pushed to new levels of awesomeness by doing what was never thought to be possible and we love it!

Whether it’s bringing sports to unimaginable locations or the invention of new adrenaline fueled feats, the possibilities are endless. Today and every month, we bring you our Extreme Sports Series, delving into these exhilarating sports to inspire your next adventure.

In this month’s edition we check out the evolution of Slacklining and what drives athletes to do the incredible. Modern day Slacklining originated in the 1980’s when athletes would use inch thick climbing gear to slack line between two trees.  It wasn’t until the 2000’s that the sport revolutionised to athletes performing death defying walks over canyon gaps, on a two inch cable, which allowed for greater stability.

As the sport evolves Slacklining has taken two core routes, firstly we see athletes performing gymnastic feats on a two inch cable tied between two structural points. Check out these impressive moves from LifeProof sponsored Red Bull Airlines 2014 here:

On the other hand athletes who crave the adrenaline of performing at extreme heights or distances take on the wilds of nature, crossing canyon gaps and mountains on an ever moving slack line.  Competition and thrill seeking is rife in this discipline where the pros vie to take home a new record or be crowned the best in the world!  Check out the remarkable Dean Potter as he crosses Taft Point on a 100ft slackline cable with no safety rope – outstanding! (At LifeProof we always recommend using the correct, approved safety gear.)

What do you think of Slacklining; would you take it on? Tell us more in the comments section below.

Check in on UNLEASHED at the same time next month for the latest edition in our Extreme Sports Series.

Alan Lund

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