Discovering Winter Camping

The winter cold is hitting hard!  Don’t hide out by the fire, unleash your inner explorer and plan your next adventure. Winter landscapes are a spectacle – mountains covered in snow, ice cracking under your feet, rain streaming across your face, rare animal sightings, epic discoveries – you’ll experience nature like never before.  But be prepared…camping in the winter is a different ball game. To get you prepped check out our top tips for when you choose to defy the elements:

Stay Hydrated

Thirst may not be at the forefront of your mind in cold weather. However, it is still crucial that you stay hydrated to make the most of your expedition. Expert tip: flip your water bottle upside-down overnight to stop water freezing around the spout.

Bring The Right Gear

It goes without saying that it’s going to be cold so stay wrapped up with thermal gear to protect against the elements. An extra hat and gloves are crucial – you never know what you might lose along the way. Keep your boots from freezing overnight by wearing them while you sleep or wrapping them up. Expert tip: layering is key to providing insulation to keep you warm on the go.

Insulate Where You Sleep

Everyone knows that a thick sleeping bag (or a heavy blanket) is essential on a cold night. It’s also important to remember that conductive heat loss means that you also need to insulate yourself from the ground below with a sleeping pad or an extra layer of thermals. Expert tip: stock up on chemical heat pads for an extra boost!

Choose Your Shelter Wisely

Choose an appropriate tent or alternative shelter for the elements. Bear in mind you’ll often have a fire blazing for cooking and warmth. So…make sure your shelter is flame retardant and a reasonable distance away from the campfire or your trip might go up go up in smoke! Expert tip: always stake you tent down if you are going to be in windy areas.

Take Advantage of the Elements

The winter weather might make camping a bit more complicated, but it can definitely be a whole lot more exciting. If you’re traveling across snow consider using a sled to lug your gear around . Camping throughout the colder months also provides more opportunities to try out skiing or ice-skating.

What’s on your Winter Bucket List this year? Tell us in the comments section below…

Alan Lund

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