Gravity Defying Red Bull Rampage

The sun beats down as the crowd’s roar turns to silence. All they can hear is their heart beating in their ears. Free falling on two wheels – time stops. Then the tires hit the dusty ground. Gravity defied.

Rampage is known as the ultimate mountain bike free ride event  bringing the biggest names in mountain biking together to defy gravity to be crowned the Rampage champion. We were proud to sponsor Rampage 2015 and have two members of Team LifeProof competing: Free Ride legend Cam Zink and Downhill hero Brendan Fairclough.

Kurt Sorge was unstoppable this year throwing down a gnarly run to take first place ahead of all the competition. Zink put down a strong run to take 6th and Fairclough showed that he can come from the Downhill scene to compete with the best Free Ride mountain bikers taking home 8th place.

Check out the highlights rampage right here:

2015 Standings

Kurt Sorge 96.50 Staying with 1st run score
Andreu Lacondeguy) 95.75 Wind – Not taking 2nd run.
Graham Agassiz 94.75 Wind – Not taking 2nd run.
Brandon Semenuk 94 94.25
Thomas Genon 91.25 Not taking 2nd run.
Cam Zink 89.25 Not taking 2nd run.
Darren Berrecloth DNF (Missed Line, but ok) 87
Brendan Fairclough 77 85.5
Sam Reynolds 83 40 (Crash, but ok)
Kyle Strait 82 Not taking 2nd run.
Remy Metailler 80 82.5
Pierre Edouard Ferry 78.50 81.75
Brett Rheeder 81.5 51.75 (Crashed mid run and finished)
Kyle Norbraten 80.50 (got engaged) Not taking 2nd run.
Logan Binggeli 75.50 66.75
Bas Van Steenbergen 70.50 70.50
Ryan Howard 66.75 64.75
Mitch Chubey 63.25 DNF (Wash out, but ok)
Kelly McGarry 62.25 62


What was your favorite moment from Rampage 2015?

Alan Lund

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