Q&A with Red Bull Cliff Diving Judge: Kenneth Grove

While at the Red Bull Cliff Diving Final in Bilbao we had the opportunity to sit down with two time Olympian, High Diver and Red Bull Cliff Diving judge: Kenneth Grove to get a deeper insight into the world of Cliff Diving. Check out our quick Q&A here:

Q.) What did you think of the diving in today’s seeding round?

A.) Well this is the final and there are a few nerves going around but overall it was a very good start to the final. There were a couple of missed dives but overall it was a very good competition to start the weekend off with.

Q.) Is there a lot of competition for the top places in the final?

A.) As you know Gary Hunt has already won the World Series. The top four places seem fairly fixed but someone from 7th & 8th may have the chance of making it into the 6th to qualify for next year’s event.

Q.) What has been your favourite stop on the 2015 tour?

A.) Well I mean just being around cliff diving, I just love that so every stop is special for me. But the Azores stands out for me as it brings the sport back to its roots of diving off the cliff face.

Q.) What do you feel has been the biggest moment in the 2015 tour?

A.) The biggest moment for me would be if Blake Aldridge had a top spot in the final and ended up in the top 3 on the World Series. That would be a big moment for me as Blake has been fighting with injuries throughout the whole season and has really proved how tough he is to stay in it.

Q.) Do you have a favourite dive from the 2015 tour?

A.) I do love Blake Aldridge’s quintuple twisting double gainer, if he learns to control the entry at the bottom he has the DD (Dive Difficulty) . Gary and Blake will have a brilliant season next year if he can control the entry as he has the dd and he has it in his mind of how to learn new dives. Blake is really an inspiration to the sport but I feel that he is doing the dives too quickly without being able to control the entry. I think he is starting to connect with what he needs to do with the entry so I think next year will be a big one for him.

Q.) How does Gary Hunt do it?

A.) It’s quite simple really, Gary takes each competition like it was the first. He comes to the event after winning five in a row and doesn’t think about this he just says I have to get up there and dive. He is brilliant mentally and he is proving it stop after stop?

Q.) How do you feel Jonathan Paredes is diving this year?

A.) Jonathan is the best diver in the world for the easy dives that he is doing. I think he has a great shot at staying in the top 3 for the overall season and he has won one competition. As long he is staying on the easy dives that he is performing he won’t become a world series winner as he doesn’t have the DD. He has been telling me that he has been doing new lead ups and they have been going good, so he just needs to bring these to the platform. He is truly phenomenal but he just needs to increase his DD to be a World Series winner like Gary Hunt.

The 2015 tour has been amazing with some incredible ups and downs, a huge congratulations to all the athletes on putting on  an amazing show.

What has been your favorite moment?


Photo Credit: Dean Treml/Red Bull Content Pool

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